image…. I woke up with my mind reeling with thoughts and ideas. And the thoughts I initially had about these four canvases have shifted significantly. As soon as I was asked to consider this project I saw the four frames, bare against the wall, with the canvas rolled on the floor next to them. For me it was a metaphor for the raw materials that we bring before God daily and that God can amazingly use. Just like David used his shepherd slingshot to kill Goliath (1 Sam 17 v 39 + 40), and Moses was asked to use his shepherd staff before the Egyptians (Exodus 4 v 1-5), so we are asked to use what we have, our gifts, talents and experience, to come before God and shape the world.

But this morning I saw it in a completely different way. I saw the frames simply as wood, the canvas simply as material, and the image of the resurrection came clearly into my mind. This image is all about Jesus. It is the cross and the folded grave clothes. It’s more of a symbol of His sacrifice releasing us into His present, His path, His will for us. Worth getting up at 3.30am for!!!!