Had a strange but boundary pushing day today, meeting up with Andrew McNeil at Birmingham Vineyard to talk about the four canvases…… on camera, and that is the boundary pushing bit! After collecting the separate frame pieces and canvas from Harris Moore I rolled up to Barford Street and met up with Andrew who, after a quick drink and chat, proceeded to interview me. It’s gobsmacking what utter drivel comes out of your mouth when you are first presented with questions, a lot of intelligent “errrr”ing and “mmmmmm”ing. Not the greatest start. And then, when the camera was actually rolling and the questions were posed, all of a sudden it all comes together and words from completely outside myself spill coherently from my mouth. Well, most of them!!! Mike, the cameraman, I’m sure will be more than adept to edit any ridiculousness.

If I am being totally honest, it is such an exciting project I have felt a little apprehensive about doing the canvases. To capture another’s vision is such an honour and privilege but it is also slightly nerve wracking. However, after the filming today and the nervousness I felt there, bring it on! It will feel like coming home.