Studio frames ready

The wooden pieces have been put together and the frames are formed and ready to go. They look so insignificant in comparison to the vision, which I suppose is the point really. The raw materials always seem so ordinary, so unassuming. But layer by layer as the stitching, paint, text and image is added, the meaning and the significance and the unexpected begin to shine through. Who would think that pigment and wood and material could eventually symbolise so much, and yet we often think so little of ourselves and focus on our ordinariness. Yet God sees so much more in us and can do so much more through our willingness to walk with Him, talking to Him and searching out what is on His heart each day.

And so that is what I plan to do: to sit before Him with these canvases and ask Him what it is that He wants me to paint. He has given me a glimpse of the first few layers but not much beyond that, which is exciting and a little nerve racking, but it will ensure that I come before Him to see clearly.

Tomorrow we start.