Canvas one

Canvas one

Sometimes when I begin a new piece of work I run full steam ahead into it and work at a mighty speed. This hasn’t been the case this time, and today I am glad of that.

I’ve had to take a step back from it due to having the children off school but today a beautiful friend has had my children so I can spend a few hours listening to God and contemplating the work in my Shed. And the roads have morphed!!!! I went back to the original vision and looked again at the meaning behind each of huge canvases, the first being Compassion.

One of the many aspects of the Vineyard Church which has challenged me is presence of paper bags with simple life changing shopping lists attached. Grab a bag, fill a bag and donate the bag. Simple and incredibly powerful, so to include the outline of a paper bag seemed obvious really. Compassion is shown in so many ways through the church but this way in particular has challenged me.

Canvas four

Canvas three

The third canvas speaks of doing every part of life well, being in relationship, growing trust and love between people. The roads naturally can take a more organic shape, softening their angular lines and in doing so the feel of them changes. From there develop buds and leaves, new growth: signs of strengthened roots; good, rich and nourishing foundations.

These more organic lines will lead into the fourth canvas and become the outline of countries and coastlines reflecting the vision to invest in nations.

…….. so for once I am pleased that I have been slow to start, for now I can continue knowing that the stitches I made will reflect more clearly the vision set before the church.