Canvas three - wood and paper take one!

Canvas three – wood and paper take one!

Worked hard on the third canvas today, felt it was right, it was secure and seemed balanced. The piece worked. Then I hung it next to the others and it’s not right. Totally gutted. So I’ve just stood looking at it, willing it to suddenly become alright, and my boy comes into the shed.

“It’s not right, is it?” I asked him. “Erm, no, but I don’t want to say that because I know that you’ll be sad,” was his reply. And he’s totally right, on both counts: It’s not right and that makes me sad. The wood/paper stands out too much against the background, and the skyline, which worked before, has become flat and lifeless in comparison. It’s too much when placed alongside the others. So time to undo all the binding and start again. I think two or three pieces of bound paper on wood should be used to build the composition of the piece in relation to the others. They need to be horizontal rather the vertical to balance with canvas two and four, but not across the whole canvas as that would be too much. So time to lay the pieces on the canvas and see which work best where.

Canvas three

Canvas three

Frustrating as I really thought I’d cracked it, but that’s fine. It needs to be right. I’m still holding onto the fact that the wood and paper work, but on a smaller scale. Two steps forward, one step back. Nearly there. Ironically I now totally love the fourth canvas and it’s competing in my mind for favourite canvas with number two after weathering it with layers of paint last night!!! Definitely two steps forward, one step back.

Time to load the dishwasher, make the sandwiches for tomorrow and then go back and look at it again before taking the scissors to it!!!