imageIt has been seriously cold in the shed and to make matters worse my heater broke. So, if I can’t get in the shed, the shed has to come to me!!! Our kitchen diner is no longer! My new makeshift area for the last two days has been snugly warm and been a long awaited creative time.

I recently visited Unit Twelve again and I always come away feeling inspired and excited. While I was there at the private view of Simpatico I made a simple assemblage with my daughter. It took less than 5 minutes and yet once again I am reminded of the simple pleasure of putting used or discarded things together to make something new.

imageYesterday I felt able to experiment and play like I haven’t done for a long time. I place restraints on myself: what I do always has to be productive, saleable, a good and productive use of time…… And what I’ve found is that I’m stuck. Stuck creating the same type of work over and over because I’m frightened of wasting materials in experimenting. But, surely, the point is to question, to ask “what if?” of a technique or material. Surely that is the creative point. And so yesterday I started doing that. No idea what I think if the results but that is actually not the point. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel alive again.