Just call me Jonah. Seriously surprised I am not currently sitting within the belly of a massive fish but maybe I am in a metaphorical way. Let me explain.

I was given a picture or an image in my mind nearly eight years ago at a women’s weekend. It was incredibly clear and I could see it immediately in painterly form, which is rare. Usually an initially image is very blurry and I only have a sense of what it may look like: the scale, the tone, the meaning. But in this case it was clear. I was standing there, it was me, a photograph of me, and this water was sort of falling down….. on top of me, washing, cleansing, restoring. It was incredibly moving and it still is. And the way the image presented itself was like the figure was painted and as the paint was washed away the reality underneath, the photograph, was revealed.

and then I ignored the image….. for eight years. No idea why. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Maybe the timing is right now, but the image has been re-revealed to me again and again over the last week, even last night at the Alpha course when we were spoken to about Holy Spirit. So today it’s time to start and already something within me is becoming unlocked.

I have a good friend, good because she keeps me accountable and listens even when I talk utter drivel, kindly pointing out it is utter drivel when I’m strong enough to listen. Anyway she has know for absolutely ages that this piece of work needs to be done and she has been like water in a cave, slowing hinting, sometimes bellowing, relentlessly reminding me that this piece of work has to be done and although at the beginning it was like a slow steady heartbeat I now see this stalactite built up before me that I simply cannot ignore. So I just wanted to say thank you Westwood x

Back to the shed……