Today is a good day. It is a free day, a long day and today I am focused. I started these pieces for New Wine and was only able to get two layers on them previous to today because the weather was so damp the paint refused to dry!! But today it is warmer and I have a wonderful 6 hours still ahead of me. These pieces are created through layers and layers of painted words being painted one on top of the other, the paint being watered down in some cases and left in others. The surface builds and builds and as they do i am just soaking in the words of truth. Quoting Meg Ryan from the film French Kiss, i “feel all pruney!” Love it!! The pieces change so quickly and often I lose them part way through and then find them again later on, but the layering of words of truth is just such a wonderful way to paint and create a textured background.

Some of the pieces were originally failed paintings that I am painting over, and that in itself is interesting as the texture of the painting below is still fighting against the new letters. I find this fascinating. Exactly like me. Recently I’ve been fighting against tiredness that has come out of nowhere and with no real origin…. unfortunately it’s not the result of late nights of wild living, and a real lack of conviction, which is ironic really as I feel a strong sense of direction at the moment. Who knows what’s going on in my mind. But today is good.  Today it is going well. Today I feel I am getting somewhere and so I will take this day and embrace it.

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