Sight 2014

a n n a   c r o o k

           contemporary pieces inspired by individual encounters


It’s a funny thing to consider why it is I paint and create: it is like breathing and yet there must be a reason. As I watch my girl naturally enter a room and it’s like a light being switched on for people, and as I watch my boy as he moves around the badminton court like he has wings, it is obvious to me that they are gifted and are alive doing such things. For me art is like that, but maybe more.

I find myself being drawn to items and materials that have been discarded, things that have no further use in the field in which they were intended, being too rusty or dirty or damaged in some way. It is wonderful to take these items and incorporate them into my work, redefining them and giving them beauty again…. and I think this is the point. My intension as I create is to remind people of their value and worth. So often we focus on that which is imperfect about ourselves or we let these things hold us from becoming who we should really be. If even one piece of my artwork helps someone to see that they are enough, that they are of value, then my job is done.

I work primarily on canvas using acrylic and mixed media. As I work, the artwork goes through many changes, from the initial idea, to the images, text and paint being layered over and over again. Some of the images become completely hidden and others are still faintly seen. This blog gives the reader an insight into this process and allows them to see the artwork as it changes and becomes resolved. I will also try and document my thoughts as to why these changes are being made. I suppose its like entering my head and catching a glimpse as to the process that occurs as I create. I apologise at the outset that I do not document as often as I should, but I will endeavour to keep you in the loop!

So here’s to the creation of many pieces and to knowing that, through it all, there is value within each one of us.




Image: Sight 2014