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Just suddenly realised that I’ve got so caught up in my work that I haven’t blogged for an age and loads has happened.

One of the most wonderful things was that ‘Nana’ and ‘Self’ were shortlisted for the Lichfield Prize, and then ‘Nana’ was selected for exhibition in July. It was just wonderful to be part of this great exhibition, which was housed in both Lichfield Cathedral and Lichfield Garrick, as well as the Emporium gallery itself. The quality of work was simply stunning in some cases. Nana is now back here, wrapped up and ready for her next journey to my Mum who I know will treasure her.

The work for New Wine was completed in time and was even dry! I struggled with one piece more than the others and that needed varnishing the day before. Even so, I was really pleased with the pieces. They are at New Wine right now and so will I next week. So excited to see what God does with them. It never ceases to amaze me how He uses every day things to speak to others. The whole experience in incredibly humbling for they are nothing more than canvas and paint and yet He can use even this small offering to His glory.


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It’s a most peculiar thing. For a long time I have had a drought creatively but something over the last two weeks is slowly being released. Been looking at the theme ‘Shadow’ for the up coming Lichfield Prize associated with Emporium, Lichfield. I’ve taken the theme literally for both pieces with an additional twist. For my own I’ve tried to explore the two sidedness to my personality: the hiding, dark negative thoughts, withdrawn and often haphazard side contrasted to the much more presentable and confident positive side, the shadow of the darker one always present but often subdued or pushed back by the positive one. Weirdly, part way through this piece I couldn’t get the lip colour correct and this coincided with a random nose bleed….. the exact colour I needed!!

The second piece is of my Nana and will be much more realistic, a pencil drawing on crumpled paper. The thought behind this one is to explore the growing truth that as one becomes older, one can seem to become a shadow of our former selves and yet all that we are is still present and tangeable to those who know and love us. The scariest thing about this piece is that after sketching in the initial outline to ensure composition and accuracy of feature placement it looked a lot like me, which I suppose is predictable but startling all the same.

Enjoying the sunshine and the shed and the pigeons landing and hopping across the roof as I come to terms with my own mortality and try to embrace the whole of my personality.