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During the summer I was fortunate enough to catch the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at The Tate Britain. I was initially a little disappointed as the first section was literally other artists’ work and van Gogh’s attempts at trying to copy or emulate them. I was struck by how similar his painting apprenticeship was to the A-Level course: looking and being influenced by other artists in such a way that it develops your own voice.

Now in full time teaching I am finding it incredibly difficult to find time to do my own art but the A-Level and GCSE classes are moments where I can use ‘mock ups’ or ‘examples’ to keep my creative expression alive. Creating a portfolio to enable the students to see the process, the structure and the type of work needed has been a real privilege and working alongside these amazing young artists has also been a real inspiration.

The piece above is based on the work of Joan Dumouchel, her paleness of face, the use of gold in the background, in the hair and on the lip, the soak staining of the background and placement of colour – all these elements contributed to the formation of my own work. My plan is to look at three or four other artists and see how I can glean skills and processes and ways of seeing from them, and then pull it altogether in a series of work. Looking forward to creating again.

img_5513 Not much to look at this may be but this is the first creative play I’ve carried out since September. I’ve been exploring the fact that I can procrastinate: that I let other things take up my time and that art is seriously being squeezed from my agenda. Everything else’s seems to have more importance, more weight attached to it and I’ve been choosing to do these ‘other’ things when I could have chosen to do art. Needless to say my son would be without birthday cake and my daughter may not have had the cereal boxes school required she needed, but something at some point must give. I cannot keep making excuses. What on earth am I afraid of? So face the music I must, and take a step into the vastness that is creativity I must stand. And I choose initially to do it with said cereal boxes rejected by my daughter for their smallness, plasticine and kitchen foil!! Let the creative play begin….. and continue 🙂

……. and let’s hope I can cook tea in super fast time!!!!!


Today has been a good day fact yesterday was rather splendid as well, in a ‘I ticked off the list of things I needed to do’ kind of way rather than in a world event way.  I’ve continued playing with rags and the idea that something discarded can become something new and even precious.

I’ve played a lot with wrapping the rags around different types of spheres and am pleased with the results, pleased enough to keep going in this direction for now. By adding the text the pieces are becoming more scroll like, unraveling a secret or a piece of wisdom. I like this, but experimenting with the type, amount and size of text now.


Just call me Jonah. Seriously surprised I am not currently sitting within the belly of a massive fish but maybe I am in a metaphorical way. Let me explain.

I was given a picture or an image in my mind nearly eight years ago at a women’s weekend. It was incredibly clear and I could see it immediately in painterly form, which is rare. Usually an initially image is very blurry and I only have a sense of what it may look like: the scale, the tone, the meaning. But in this case it was clear. I was standing there, it was me, a photograph of me, and this water was sort of falling down….. on top of me, washing, cleansing, restoring. It was incredibly moving and it still is. And the way the image presented itself was like the figure was painted and as the paint was washed away the reality underneath, the photograph, was revealed.

and then I ignored the image….. for eight years. No idea why. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Maybe the timing is right now, but the image has been re-revealed to me again and again over the last week, even last night at the Alpha course when we were spoken to about Holy Spirit. So today it’s time to start and already something within me is becoming unlocked.

I have a good friend, good because she keeps me accountable and listens even when I talk utter drivel, kindly pointing out it is utter drivel when I’m strong enough to listen. Anyway she has know for absolutely ages that this piece of work needs to be done and she has been like water in a cave, slowing hinting, sometimes bellowing, relentlessly reminding me that this piece of work has to be done and although at the beginning it was like a slow steady heartbeat I now see this stalactite built up before me that I simply cannot ignore. So I just wanted to say thank you Westwood x

Back to the shed……

So frustrated. I’ve completely lost my thread. I went into the shed today after a week’s absence and I’ve completely forgotten what the point of the pieces were. I just looked at them and couldn’t work it out. I’ve had ideas milling around in my mind but not substantial enough to note down or with enough substance to draw, and somewhere in the mix of all this I’ve lost what I was trying to achieve. So I think, space tonight with a mug of tea or a glass of wine to just sit and think, to sketch and write….. find my thread again.

I’ve just read the previous post about finding who you are and not compromising and not having fear to express who you truly are….. Think it’s more important than I thought to regain the meaning!!


I think this is one of the biggest mistakes I often make with my work….. Working and working on a piece until I have lost the initial spontaneity it began with. I think I may have done this with the piece that sort of looks through the clouds. But hey ho. Will find out when it dries.

Got excited again this morning about another potential idea that frightens me a little bit. I’ve been looking at work by the artist Charlie Mackesy and although I could never create in the same way he does, his whole ethos of finding and expressing your true self has challenged me greatly. He talks about initially being fearful of making statements through his artwork in case they become diluted. ” to have the guts to be truly who you are and not to fake anything is a scary place to be…… to live truly who you are.”

Excited for many reasons, the main one is that I know I hold back slightly from my art work, and this needs to change. I have no idea what will happen but suddenly feel released from something that I didn’t even know was holding me. No fear.


imageIt has been seriously cold in the shed and to make matters worse my heater broke. So, if I can’t get in the shed, the shed has to come to me!!! Our kitchen diner is no longer! My new makeshift area for the last two days has been snugly warm and been a long awaited creative time.

I recently visited Unit Twelve again and I always come away feeling inspired and excited. While I was there at the private view of Simpatico I made a simple assemblage with my daughter. It took less than 5 minutes and yet once again I am reminded of the simple pleasure of putting used or discarded things together to make something new.

imageYesterday I felt able to experiment and play like I haven’t done for a long time. I place restraints on myself: what I do always has to be productive, saleable, a good and productive use of time…… And what I’ve found is that I’m stuck. Stuck creating the same type of work over and over because I’m frightened of wasting materials in experimenting. But, surely, the point is to question, to ask “what if?” of a technique or material. Surely that is the creative point. And so yesterday I started doing that. No idea what I think if the results but that is actually not the point. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel alive again.