……. thinking ahead to the next potential pieces of work. It’s been an incredible lesson this commission and it’s taught me so much: that so often I short change God with the work I create. I consider an exhibition or a competition too late to give it enough time. I work towards something with intensity because I have to, because I leave it too late. This commission has been a real gift to me and the only one, with the exception of the Lichfield Cathedral exhibition I did an eon ago it seems, were I really had the time to seek God’s face and reflect, as exactly as I can, that He wants me to create.

So the next project will be a slow and considered one, one were the resulting work will not be complete for months rather than weeks. And one were I will listen, I will consider.

But this one isn’t quite there yet. The third canvas is still challenging me and I think that I may create something new based on this theme: mending brokenness, doing life well. Quite excited by this theme. Time to tidy the shed maybe, ready in anticipation of what is to come.